What’s the difference between excellence and sufficiency? We think it is PASSION.
Bill won’t say when it started, but we do have some of his early winning driveway projects (along with the 80’s shorts).Bill is passionate about every aspect of this projects, and backs his work

Personally we think Bill likes the time machine aspect of what he does... he takes what was lost from an earlier generation, memories and all - and restores it for the enjoyment of this generation.

From WWII Wileys Jeeps, to Grampa’s battered peach truck - Bill restores much more than metal and chrome and his loyal customers know it.

If you are and investor/flipper, that is fine as well - just understand Bill allows nothing but excellence to leave his shop.  Bill owns Fins Custom Classics, not a Macco franchise. Click onthe photo to see his early award winning magic he performed on this white car...

About Bill

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