The Truth About Anti-Clunker Legislation

...Anti-Clunker legislation is the broad based term being applied to various programs designed to remove antique and classic autos from the road in the name of environmental safety.

....Did you know at this very moment there are lawmakers on the municipal, State and Federal levels that would seek to deprive you of your rights to own and drive a classic car? Anti-Clunker legislation is the broad based term being applied to various programs designed to remove antique and classic autos from the road in the name of environmental safety. While we strongly agree that future generations do have every right to clean air and water, collector cars do not significantly contribute to the overall majority of pollutants in todays world. The old car hobby faces a bleak future if people do not speak out for their rights NOW !

------Here's What You Need to Know...
The majority of funds allocated for lobbying efforts are spent not by well meaning environmental groups, but by oil companies who seek to receive pollution credits for each car that is scrapped! Oil companies can then use their carbon allocations to continue polluting the air we breathe and the fragile marine environments that feed our world.
.....There are many State and local politicians seeking to use archaic nuisance laws to remove the millions of classic cars that await restoration. By declaring a vehicle parked on private property an eyesore, the government may force the owners, often elderly people on fixed incomes, to prove that these vehicles are in proper running order or face forfeiture? ....How many collectors have fond memories of buying their first Chevy from the nice old ladies and gentlemen who were glad to see their treasured car, that held so many happy memories, go to a young person who would lovingly restore the car to showroom new condition? Is it fair to deprive owners and collectors of project cars awaiting restoration just because they can’t restore a car quickly enough to
please the local bureaucrats?
.........In the mid 1950s and early 60s you could buy a 12 cylinder custom bodied Packard or Cadillac V16 for less than $200.00. ....Back
then, these hand crafted classics were considered old junkers today these priceless relics are rolling pieces of automotive history, displayed in world class museums and sometimes exchanging hands for millions of dollars! Is it fair to deprive a wide-eyed 16 year old the right to experience the exhilaration of hauling home a 64 Impala to fix up with dad and the proud day when
the project is completed? We think not.
-----Here's What You Can Do...
..Each and every hobbyist has a responsibility to his or herself, as well as future generations, to speak up now in order to preserve our rights to share this unique slice of American culture with others. Cars are not just transportation, they are time machines that transport us back to our first prom in Dad's Bel Air, or family trips in the back of a wagon. From weddings to bringing home our firstborn children, these machines have been there for us. It would truly be a great loss, for all of those who have lived, loved, and traveled the roadway of life, if these great autos were forever condemned to the scrap heap, like so much rubbish. .......Don't let the lawmakers send your memories to the junkyard. We have listed several groups by region for you to contact to find out what you can do to get involved. You can also contact your local representatives and senators to voice your opposition to Anti-Clunker legislation. Help stop this shameful assault on the American car!

Is my car too far gone for restoration? 
Rarely do we actually see a car that is too far gone - flattened and twisted body parts, rust, weeds, snakes, black widows do not intimidate us.  The basic answer is we can restore anything, The real question is does it have sentimental value to you, or are you excited about driving around a car that is a img00627-20110715-0939true classic - something head turning and owning a legacy vehicle.  Today’s vehicles are so full of plastic, and are beginning to all look alike - if you always dreamed of bringing back your high-school car, or restore a poor vehicle just sitting in the weeds,,,, give us a call. We perform miracles.

What does it cost?
That is a question we get alot, and is the reason we need to see your car and have a detailed consultation will Bill. As far as restoration goes, Bill is very reasonable in costs. Variables include, cal we fix the parts or do we order new - or OEW? Do we create a new part on our English Wheel? img00622-20110715-0931What is your time frame - are you in a rush? 

We get surprised customers every day when Bill completes and estimate and folks say “Wow is that it”




Do you work in fiberglass?
img00605-20110715-0907Extensively - we have completed, repaired and fabricated fiberglass parts for hundreds of Corvettes, kit cars and other custom interior parts that require premium fiberglass skills.




I heard you restore other things as well, is that true?
img00628-20110715-0939Very true - we restore old Coke machines, gas pumps, signs and every “mantique” you can imagine. Bill got his start as a boy restoring bicycles - so we do plenty of those as well

Do you perform Insurance work?
Absolutely - in fact if you have every had a new car repaired and notice that “its never the same” with squeaks, etc.

You might want to have Fins take care of you collision repair.




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